Portfolio / Elementary Mathematics Laboratory

Fast-paced, high production value event recording and digital media distribution.

Project type: Live event recording, event planning, data archival
Tools: Final Cut Pro, RX4 Audio Studio, live-video streaming
Timeline: Two weeks, every summer
Employers: U-M School of Education, Teachingworks

EML Panasonic HPX-170 filming classroom and instructor

I look forward to the Elementary Mathematics Laboratory each year at the U-M School of Education. The program was recently featured on NPR.

The Elementary Mathematics Laboratory centers around a special two-week math class for fifth-grade students. Hundreds of teachers and education professionals observe the class in person and remotely, many enrolling in professional development workshops that are offered concurrently with the class. My team handles recording and onsite data processing and distribution during the event. We create high production value recordings with two camerapeople, 40-50 microphones, an expert audio engineer managing live mixing, video streaming services, and an extremely short turnaround to recorded and written records created during the laboratory class to afternoon professional development workshops and remote participants.

Our work is a complicated undertaking and and requires us to think on our feet, working together to troubleshoot problems quickly and effectively. The unexpected is the regular - the kids’ bus arrived an hour early - no problem! We need to edit five mentions of a student’s last name out of an audio track and get the recording online in an hour - on it! I enjoy this type of work and thrive on it.