Portfolio / Memory Box

Interactive box designed to help people retrieve memories related to places they are distant from

Project type: Physical prototype
Tools: Arduino, Circuits, Laser Cutter, Illustrator
Date: Winter 2017
Partner: Yujin Gu
Timeline: 9 weeks

Memorial items (e.g. postcards, souvenirs, photographs of places) are stored in the box - each item represents a place of signficance. Removing an item from the box causes a sound to play - each object has several different sounds it will potentially play, depending on the time the day when the box is opened. For example, if the place an item signifies the window in a person’s childhood room, in the morning, the sound associated with that item might be the sound of birds. But in the afternoon, removing that same item from the box might trigger the sound of children playing.


  • Laser cut box
  • Memorial objects
  • RFID tags and reader
  • Circuit board
  • Arduino
  • Speaker
  • Amplifier
  • MP3 soundcard with onboard storage